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05/11/16 Saturday in Northampton!!!! This is going to be a crazy one!!!! See you there


In 2011 Andrzej Kijak (guitarist) met Marcin Komorniczak (drummer), the two of them practised hard and saw many other members of the band come and go, until 2014. In July of that year they were joined by Janusz Łuszczyk (guitarist) who had previously been in a band with Marcin. He was soon to be followed by Marcin Durmaj, who answered a advertisement for a vocalist, and Maciek Nagórski (bass player). The 5 all finally met together on 30th August. After a lengthy process the band decided to call themselves Dierevers. They played their first ever concert in Northampton after two and a half months together, and having received lots of positive opinions from the public, have been given the motivation to continue together practising hard ready for further live performances.